I dreamed of being on a high mountain in a countryside.  The grass was green and beautiful.  The land was not in the United States.  I’ve never been to Ireland, but the was very green and the vegetation was well nourished and had the feel of what Ireland looks like on screen.  I was hovering above (transparent, unknown, unseen) in the sky over three men walking towards an open rock door on top of a mountain.  There was a man standing inside of the door in the dark.  As the men go closer to the door, the man closed the rock door and didn’t open it.  It seemed as though he barricaded or heavily locked himself inside. I followed the three men until they were standing together at a rock door on top of a mountain. They were trying to gain entry through this door at the top of the mountain.  The men were in brown cloaks, dressed like monks, with hoods over their heads and loosely roped belts around their waist.

Once they realized that they were not going to be welcomed in, they gave each other a look and moved into a triangular formation with their backs facing one another.  One man faced the east, a second man faced the west, and the third man faced the south.  No one faced the door which was north of where they stood.  the door was no more than 10ft away from their stance.

They began to chant.  I did not recognize the language in which they chanted.  The chanting started off as a whisper that grew into a loud (not screaming, but loud) chant. As they chanted a giant man (over 12ft tall) also dressed in a darker cloak with a hood, appeared on a narrow dirt road below the mountain along the west side of the mountain.  As the giant got closer to the door of the mountain, I noticed that the three chanting men became aware of me hovering slightly above them and they looked at me, even though I knew to the naked eye I could not be seen.  They didn’t stop chanting, but they didn’t take their eyes off of me.

When the giant almost reached the door of the mountain, the ground began to shake,  there was a loud noise that I cannot describe, and even though I was hovering in the air, transparent my body (my spirit) began to violently shake.  I prayed silently to Jesus for comfort and remained calm, the shaking became more violent and I immediately, but peacefully awoke.

I did not know what to think of the dream.  I prayed for wisdom, and I wrote down my dream but it still didn’t make any sense to me.  Later that morning I learned about the earthquake in Italy.  While Italy does have mountains and is very scenic, it didn’t feel like the same landscaping that I dreamed about.  The earthquake also affected a lot of people.  There wasn’t a lot of people in my dream.  It was very isolated.  So, I was disobedient.  I sat on my dream.  I was supposed to share it (to more people than just my Mah) but I didn’t understand it and I didn’t know what significance it may or may not have held.  I felt that if I didn’t understand it how could I share it?

Fast-forward to this morning 9/14/16.  I stumbled across ( or was lead to) a message by a brother in Christ, a watchman, that had absolutely nothing to do with my dream or my favorite phrase when something as nothing to do with anything (What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?, or That has nothing to do with the price of tea China?).  But at the very end of the video he mentioned that on the same day that an earthquake hit Italy that a 6.8-magnitude earthquake also hit central Myanmar near Ancient Capital.  The earthquake damaged centuries old Buddhist pagodas (temples) and killed a least three people and then he showed a video clip and it looked like my dream!  Wow!  Confirmation received!  Amen!  The watchman also relayed that the earthquake to the temples was because God is angry.  Below I will post links to news reports and a link to the video that lead to my confirmation.  No more sitting on dreams, even if I don’t understand them!


Earthquake in Myanmar Kills 3 and Damages Over 170 Temples



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