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Paulette Louise
August 10, 2016 ·

I usually don’t share very personal things on Facebook, maybe a few family & friend pics but PERSONAL stuff, like what’s going on in my life or what’s going on in my personal business I don’t share because it’s PERSONAL and NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS and really not up for discussion or your opinions. However, I do know that if I post such things that give others a platform to get on their soapboxes – So I just don’t if I want your feedback I will ask, or post like I’m about to do. So here goes… Jesus came for my life today! Like he read me for filth! And I’m smiling with a joyous heart when I say this! I mean he literally like Nene Leaks read me!

So we’ve been in heavy conversations over this topic: Makeup. He came to me a few weeks ago and was like “No ‘Mam Pam” this is not something that you need. He gave me the word Seductive. And I was like, I don’t put on makeup with an intent on seducing anyone, so that doesn’t apply to me right? Then he said Jezebel spirit. And I was like I don’t know anything about her… I haven’t read anything about her yet in Bible so I don’t know her story. I’ve heard others call other people Jezebel’s and I assumed they meant like a prostitute and he answered “Yes”. And I was like “Lord, I am not a prostitute! I don’t dress crazy, I make sure my boobies are covered – I actually try to make them look smaller because I want to be a B cup again! I don’t rock shorts because I have thunda thighs, so I usually wear capris. All of my dresses go at a minimum to my knees. I wear cami’s under all my low cut shirts and dresses, and I wear cardigans and wrap overs most of the time to cover my arms. I know this does not apply to me!”

Then he said Vanity. And I had to shut up and think about that one. And I questioned, “Vanity”? and He said Yes – Vanity. When you put on your makeup, no matter how little, why exactly are you putting it on? I said, “To enhance my natural features, to even out my skin tone, or when I wear eyeshadow, it’s subtle or I want to look nice when I go out on special occasions and have my color on my eyes match my outfit. Plus, Lord I don’t believe in caking on makeup. Like when I have makeup on I still look like Pooh and when I don’t have it on I still look like Pooh. No one is ever confused about who I am with or without makeup. I still look like me. Because Lord you know I’ve looked at some women and men (lets not leave out the fellas) with and without makeup and was like, “What is this sorcery here? Like it’s two different people!”

Then he threw it back at me, “Sorcery” and “Vanity” think about it. I was like okay sometimes when I put on makeup I can be a little. Meaning I put the makeup on with the intent to look, better or to enhance my eyes. So yes I am guilty of that, you have a point, but Sorcery? I don’t “transform” my face into something or someone else”. And we kept going back and forth on it, and not in a bad way, but he knows I love a good debate, even though he’s always right in the end. 🙂 So I said, let’s stick a pin in this topic. In the meantime, I won’t wear any makeup, like consciously, just won’t do it for 6 out of 7 days. I’ll pick one day, and I may put on powder or mascara, but it will be super minimal because most of the time Lord you know I don’t wear it at all. I can go weeks plan Jane. And just to prove that I don’t have an issue I just will do that. And if I’m still just wrong, put it back on my heart and let’s resume the conversation then. And I did just that, and most weeks just didn’t even do anything. But then he started to hint again to me, with little messages here and there. I may go past a video (- thank you Jonathan Cayol) that had the topic on the subject and I’d say oh I’ll just put it on my to watch later list. He’d also come to me in the morning and tease, “Hey look at how much time you saved this morning by skipping the makeup? By the way, you look nice” He even cleared up my skin during Aunt Flo days which NEVER happens just as added bonus!

But today, he was tired of the debate and literally came for my life. He convicted me through Brandi (another sister in Christ). She started talking about how he had come to her with the same things, Jezebel, Prostitute, Vanity. And she had some of the same arguments as I did, but he gave her verbally what he gave me visually. Jesus was NOT pretty or handsome. I had this dream/spiritual visit with Him and I remember at first sight thinking at first, “Oh my gosh! Jesus! And being excited, trying to run to him, getting halfway there and stopping because he didn’t look perfect.” I’m not going to describe in detail what I saw as he reveals himself differently to everyone, but a high scale summary is, Not handsome, not perfect, imperfections on the outward appearance, but BEAUTIFUL spiritually. And it took me back when I first saw him that I actually stopped moving towards him because I was always told about how perfect and handsome he is. Everyone that see’s Him can’t describe it but perfection and handsome are the words they use to describe Him. So, when I stopped he had to reassure me, without words, Yes, I am who you think I am, come to me. And I did and it was amazing, but when I woke up I still questioned it, because I was like Jesus looked so not handsome, .like I had to just maybe make that whole thing up, and I never posted about the dream because I really, really questioned it, and told him to put it on my heart if it was of Him. And he did today speaking through Brandi. She was given the same thing, Jesus was so plain, and UN-noticeable appearance wise on earth. And it was because he wanted people to notice him for his heart and his spirit. So today in confirmed 1. Our encounter was real. 2. Makeup is not of Him. He has no need for it. He thinks we are beautiful just the way we are. He could care less about what we consider to be flawed. 3.He also read me when flat out said today that it’s paganism. And I had just written about this on my blog, yet conveniently left out makeup! He also read me by saying if I had a problem giving it up even though I don’t use it a lot or heavy that it was of idolatry spirit. I should just be able to let it go without questioning or debating with him. So he officially took away ALL of my rebuttals and said this is it. I know a lot of you won’t receive this. But I was told to share this and I am obeying. I could care less about what anyone thinks, the only person I am trying to impress or seek the approval of is GOD. So facebook here’s a picture of my barefaced and all. Get used it!

-This was worthy of a re-post. I pray that it edifies someone!

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